Monday, 4 July 2011

Trades & Re-signing & New Guys.Oh My !

Well it's summertime, which means no Canucks hockey games on my Tv :( , but it does mean new and exciting stuff happening in the Canucks locker room. Some good, some not so good.
I think i'll start with the good stuff first, then a lil of the not so good, with some more good to end it out. Always best to leave on a happy note ;)

Players re-signed
Sami Salo - 1 yr - I had heard Sami wanted to stay in Vancouver and although I worry about our 'frail fin', I'm happy he is still a Canuck.
Andrew Alberts - 2yrs - Ha Told ya so ! .. The guys kept telling me Albs would be gone, I was adamant he would be back and oh how I am happy to be right. A solid player on D, improving every year & good looking .. Yes,  I'd say we are good to go with Alberts :)
Kevin Bieksa - 5yrs- another guy i said would be back and the nay-sayers told me I was sniffing good glue. LOL This is why women are good with hockey ;).. While the men were armchairing it, I was paying attention to the silly stuff. I figured if Kevin was just blowing smoke when he stated he wanted to stay in Van, then the guys ( k17, M21 & B14 ) would have just hogtied him & 'helped' him sign anyways.. so the odds were with me on this one.
Maxim Lapierre -2yrs- a great ( yummy ) addition to the Canucks ! This guy stepped it up when we needed him to and i'm happy to call him a Canuck.
Chris Higgins - 2 yrs- I'm happy Higgs is back. The guy played 5 weeks of playoff hockey with a broken foot. That's the kind of guy I want on my team ! 
Nolan Baumgartner -  depth on the D is always a good thing but does the Baumer have what it takes and is he what we need ?

Still waiting for Hansen to re-sign. Waiting with fingers crossed that he does. Hurry the heck up MG & JanHan !!!!

Players we lost -
Raffi Toress - to Phoenix .. and this one hurts. I grew to adore Raffi & his hits .
Christian Ehrhoff - now in Buffalo making 18m in the 1st 2 yrs of his 594 billion yr contract.  Torn on this one... i'm sure Hoffer had his reasons coughcashcough, but it hurt knowing he wanted to move on to be on a 'winning team' as his agent stated. Where's the love Hoffer ? Ouch !
Tanner Glass - to Winnipeg which is okay. I'll miss TanTan as a Canuck but can't say much for his gameplay.
Guillaume Desbiens - to Calgary. Yuck at having an ex Canuck in Calgary but we didn't see much of Desbien in the 2010/2011 season so not a huge loss.
Rick Rypien - to Winnipeg. I love Rypien ! I was hoping he would come back up to the Canucks once he was ready so I could watch some more of his classic scraps, but I am very happy he is getting a fresh start with Winnipeg and I hope he does well. Treat him right Jets fans !
Alex Bolduc- to Phoenix . he can keep Raffi company when they feel like the Noobs ;)
Jeff Tambellini - to Europe ?

Players we picked up - 
Mark Mancari - I like this guys size. A 6'3, 225lb right winger.. could be interesting.
Steven Pinizzotto - another big right winger. 6'1, 200lb. Is he tough ?
Marco Sturm - all I got here is 2 words " Bad Knees".

We re-signed a few key guys and I am sure Mike Gillis is not done yet . Those of us who enjoy the anticipation and speculating probably have a few more weeks left before MG makes his 'money move'. Have faith , good things are coming !

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