Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Caption The Canuck

Even though Raffi is gone, he still gets a Caption The Canuck page in my blog :) 

Max & Raffi during practice

~ Raffi: "Whoa...did you know he could do that?"
   Max: "Not a clue....."
    - by FireflyFaery ( Province Legendary Chat ) 

~ Max : " Bags packed yet Raffi ?"
   Raffi : " Huh ?!? "
     -  by Me

"Did you see what Hansen just did? He's the best player in practice."
     - by  Canucklelion ( Province Legendary Chat )

Leave your Caption in the comment section below ! :)


  1. Max: Is AV pointing at you or me???

  2. Max: Those two crazy chicks are back at our practice again......
    Raffi: At least they're hott.. :)

  3. Max: Why are we wearing the Hartford Whaler practice jersey's?

    Raffi: *makes a whale sound