Monday, 6 August 2012

Remembering Rick Rypien

Remembering Rick Rypien - Forever a Canuck

I wanted to do something for us Canucks fans to have a way to get together, remember & pay our respects to Rick Rypien on this day so...
On August 15th we welcome you to join us on the plaza at Rogers Arena. 
We will be there from 11am until approximately 6pm.
We are holding a silent auction with proceeds going to in memory of Rick. Bidding will close at 5:45 - bid winners can pick the item up on site at 6pm or we will contact you after the 15th. 

A few items that will be up for auction -

Signed picture of Canadian country music singer Aaron Pritchett along with one of his CDs & a fan bracelet - Aaron is a huge Canucks fan and friend and didn't hesitate to contribute. Thank you Aaron !

Signed player card - Cody Hodgson

Player pictures from The Fan Zoo - Many thanks to The Fan Zoo for the contribution. ( These are signed & authentic.. 3 Rick Rypiens, a Bieksa & a Burrows )
Classic Rick

A signed Alex Burrows shirsey donated by a great Canucks fan @MaseyRaymond

Canucks hats , @SpencerDubas 's cubed Rypien, and other Canucks merchandise.


Natalie, ( @sweetestnagel ) a Canucks fan, has been doing sketches based around the Canucks team and Rick & will have some for sale at the event, with proceeds going to Mindcheck. Much thanks to you Natalie.

Andrew The Crazy Canuck and his Canuckettes will be on site

Want to share your story and/or thank Kevin Bieksa and the Canucks organization?  We will have books for you to sign and will be taking in any letters which will be handed in to the Canucks organization.

The Fan Zoo will be on site holding a draw ( free to enter ) to win a Rypien piece.

Let's do Rick proud. Even when you help just 1 person, you are making a difference. 

Many thanks to all those contributing and helping us to make this happen.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Big Day... Canucks in Boston

The big day everyone has been waiting for is approaching. Our Vancouver Canucks will be in Boston to take on the much hated ( by me ) Boston Bruins.  The discussions about the big day have begun amongst Canucks fans. Some people are not liking the 10 am start, some fans are excited for the game, some not so excited..  and some people are discussing which goaler will get the start.
Of course I have an opinion on the whole goaler debate.. so here I am, writing in my blog for the first time in months. :) Missed me didn't ya ;) hah

As the story goes and we are all well aware of,  Luongo got lit up in game 7 vs the Bruins and this seems to be the argument against starting Luo in net vs the Bruins on Jan 7th.  I don't get the reasoning tho. If we go by that rule, the whole team minus a handful would be sitting. Last time i checked, Luongo was not the only player on ice that horrible night and he was not the only player to stink it up. I do believe we scored a whopping zero goals, which means, if you go by the above reasoning, that our goal scorers should sit because they obviously can't score against the Bruins right ;) Ya, it just doesn't make sense right.
The whole team stunk it up and the whole team deserves a chance to get out there and redeem themselves, including Roberto. If Luongo is in net and the Canucks lose, will it hurt his confidence ? It very well could but it could also hurt the whole teams confidence. Why is Luongo any different than the rest of the guys? I do believe every one of those players cried after losing that game, which means they all have emotions over it and they all have pride. Every single one of those players, including Rome and Raymond, deserve a shot at the Bruins. This is the team , Luongo included, that took us on an amazing ride during the why shouldn't they, as a team, get the chance to defend and redeem themselves.

 Let's just pretend for a moment.. Cory gets the start vs Boston on Jan 7th. Cory gets lit up. Now we have two amazing goalers who have both lost important games against the Bruins. Then we meet the Bruins in the 2012 playoff run. Now what ? Can't start Luongo because he lost game 7, can't start Cory because he lost our redemption game.. Guess we call for the Lack Attack ? haha #justsaying

Honestly, I don't much care which goaler gets the start, I will be a nervous wreck no matter who's between the pipes !  We either start a goalie who has never played against Boston, or we start a goalie who has much to prove against the Bruins.  It's a tough call on a big day.. all we can do is hope it ends with a big fat W for our Canucks :)

 Me ? ...
or me ?

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Canucks vs Nashville

The Canucks take on the Nashville Predators tonight, in Rogers Arena at 7pm. I have heard rumors that Luongo will start in net.. let's hope the fans have the decency tonight to not boo our #1 goaler :P
Any predictions ? FInal score... first goal, game winning goal ?
I don't like to predict the final score but I will call Kesler for a goal tonight. :D

Anyone lucky enough to go to the game tonight, please cheer loud and proud for the whole team . Let the guys know that not all fans are boo-ers .

I will post the line ups as I get them.. so stay tuned :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Fans Voice -Why I Shifted my Gears Towards Roberto Luongo

Occasionally I would like to allow other fans the chance to voice their opinions, tell their stories or even just put their voice out there, through TheIcingonThePuck . Today I told a friend of ours that if she typed it out, I would post it.  She used to blame Luo.. but not any more :D
Below Robbie Luo is Susans Voice -

Why I Shifted my Gears Towards Roberto Luongo - by Susan Garryestt

 This topic has got to be one of the most controversial topics talked about in hockey, our good ol Luongo. One of the NHL's solid goaltenders that is scrutinized by fans and media to the extreme even when the poor guy isn't playing. I myself for a long time blamed Luongo for our 'teams' shortcomings in games. I realized quickly that this game isnt always going to go our way. We will not win every game. Luongo will not save every shot and each player will never score for each shot they take on the opposing teams goalie. We're all human and at the end of the day we make mistakes and learn from them. By blaming one player or goalie for the teams lose isn't going to solve anything, at the end of the day we have to take our win or loss with pride. People will continue to bash Luongo for every goal that gets past him and soon enough we are going to drive this man out of Vancouver if it doesn't stop.
Think about it, in order for the opposing team to score a goal they've had to get past 5 players, and 2 lines. Quite frankly if goals are being let in, every player is failing in their position. The blame game needs to stop, this is a team game and we lose and win as a team. No matter what, if you truly are a Canucks fan then you will support your team, lose or win. People are quick to point fingers and judge, instead of taking responsibility for their actions. I myself have come to realize that, yes I love when our team wins but losing is something that will happen in this sport. You need to fail in order to succeed. If you call yourself a fan I expect that you stick behind the boys through thick and thin. We all have to remember the goalie can't score goals so with last nights lose to the Rangers 4-0 our forwards couldn't get in a goal in either. Like I stated a TEAM effort. Feel free to jump off the Lu bandwagon now, but please don't jump back on when he takes us to the cup.

There’s Something About November

After a disappointing loss to the Rangers (Lundqvist stood on his head), the Canucks I’ve cheered for so long are on their usual journey through the regular season.

The slow starts in October, where rebound control is suspect, defensive zone coverage is sloppy, special teams are bad and passes are errant, are the norm.

Even last year’s President Trophy team was not that good in the first 6 weeks of the season.  Let’s not forget that embarrassing 7 -1 loss to the Blackhawks on November 20, 2010 at Rogers’ Arena.

For every bad start, the Canucks always manage a better November/December.  Just like the Pineapple Expresses that arrives in Vancouver in November (or early December – I blame el Nino), the Canucks transform themselves from mediocre to superb.  The special teams are clicking, the passes are crisp, the defensive is solid and the goalies look like walls.

So what happens in November that creates such an annual transition for the Canucks? I’d thought I share some theories.

·    Maybe the depressing, soul-sucking endless grey Vancouver days, place some of the Canuck players in a contemplative state where they realize that if life won’t provide the happiness, they will have to make their own happiness.  Further contemplation creates the realization that playing great hockey makes them happy. I see Alex Edler as a contemplative individual.

·    Possibly the Movember Moustache creates the urge for some Canucks to transform themselves into villains, a la Snidely Whiplash (Dudley Do Right’s nemesis).  Why? Well we need more fodder for those outside of Vancouver to get their hate on.  Nothing creates more hate from Toronto than a winning team in Canada not in Toronto.  Max Lapierre or Alex Burrows would look great with a Snidely Whiplash ‘stache.

·    Perhaps the sight of an annoying wriggling plush Christmas tree that sings 15 holiday songs in off putting high pitch tone, among other Christmas decorations in stores, before Remembrance day, causes some Canucks players to take their pent up frustration on over the top holiday marketing and consumerism to the ice.  I see Kevin Bieska in this camp.

·    Or the sight of the Remembrance Day poppies stirs memories of their past lives as soldiers for some Canucks (with 5000 years of world history, don’t be surprised if some of your Canucks were warriors in their past lives).  The memories of camaraderie, sacrifice and courage inspire them to play for the boys on the team.  I think Roberto Luongo was a Spartan in his past life.

·    Or more shockingly Coach AV just screams into the locker room holding a puppy in early November and threatens, “I WILL KILL THIS PUPPY IF YOU DON’T START WINNING!  DON’T MAKE ME KILL THIS PUPPY. YOU DON’T WANT THE PUPPY’S BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS!”  Coach AV then storms out.  Not knowing whether Coach AV was serious, I can imagine Ryan Kesler imploring his team mates to play better ‘cause RK17 is a dog lover & owner.

Whatever the reason, take heart Canuck fans, there’s something to look forward to in November.

written by : Christina aka NOTS