Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Duco Drama

Okay so once again, I find myself writing about something that I was going to refrain from, but I just can't not have my say.
The Vancouver Canucks recently acquired the rights to Mike Duco from the Florida Panthers. Duco played in 12 career NHL games with zero points and 60 penalty minutes. So pretty much, he is a nobody in the NHL. He isn't a superstar, he isnt an up & coming big name rookie, he isn't a vet and he didn't come from a top team. Yet the Canucks fans and some media, have been ripping this guy apart. Why ? Because of some tweets the guy made.

Tweet #1 - "Big Games tonight.. I'm gunno go with Montreal, Philly and Chicago!"
Tweet #2 - "2-1, let's go san jose! what is luongo thinking coming out of his net like that?"
Tweet #3 - '"sick of watching the sedins dive and lay on the ice"
Tweet #4 - after game 6 of the finals Duco said "Ha.. solid night Luongo"

 So the guy said what thousands of other people were saying. I would have been the first one ripping him apart & defending my boys had i followed his twitter at the time because I always defend my boys.. . But do I feel he should be raked over the coals for it like he is ? Heck no !  I far from agree with his tweets or his thoughts, but I am fairly realistic in thinking that not every player in the NHL/AHL are Canucks fans.
I guess some people feel that any and all NHL/AHL players are supposed to love, adore and support the Canucks players ? Are our egos that big that we feel every player is supposed to like all our players & support our team ? I'm not seeing the big deal. The guy was not a part of the Canucks organization at the time of his tweets. There is no written rule in the NHL book that says all players must love the Canucks players and if we are honest with ourselves, we know that not many in the NHL organization do like & support the Canucks ;)

Sure Duco should know better than say certain things in a public forum, just as any NHLer should, but at the time, I am sure he had no idea his rights would be traded to the Canucks.  He probably didn't know how hungry for drama some Canucks fans are and how they pounce on any slice of information .. for their own gain ? enjoyment ? DRAMA !!! :P  And I am most certain he didn't get the memo stating that all players in the NHL/AHL must love the Canucks, support the Canucks and never speak badly about them ! .. Poor Duco .
I would think maybe Duco was jealous ? Envied the Canucks as many other teams & players did heading into the playoffs. Maybe it was peer pressure to follow all the other Canuck haters out there ;)  The Canucks had an amazing season and as we hear all the time, players love to play here, but we also hear a ton of hate from other teams, players & the media from other cites.

'A negative judgment gives you more satisfaction than praise, provided it smacks of jealousy.' - Jean Baudrillard

As a Canucks fan, I almost feel ashamed at how he is being treated on twitter and in the social media. All playoffs the Canucks fans complained about how hated we are as fans, noone can understand why... well hey, here you have it ! The guy, was NOT a Canucks player, was not a part of the Canucks organization, he was just a 'fan' watching the game , and OH EM GEE he didn't root for the Canucks ! OH NO he didn't like Luongo or the Twins ! How dare a player of another team not like our team ! *sigh*  All this drama over.. not much.

I may be going out on a limb here, but I doubt the Canucks players are hating on the guy as much as some fans are . I am sure that this is something that will be dealt with in a private, mature matter between Duco and the guys , if Duco does play here.   Duco took steps to apologize & mend fences as soon as the trade happened , which is big of him but obviously not enough because the Duco Drama continues.


  1. I always felt that if they talking about ya they don't hate you, the envy you. TGjr.

  2. oh and in so far as this guy, he at least has the guts to say what he believes. And I think maybe after he plays with the sedins and goes through the grind with them that he will see what they actually go through and why they are this good. And a guy that speaks his mind will learn and be loyal, and maybe he'll even learn to play a specif role and excel.....or he could be just cut lol. TGjr.

  3. If management took the steps they did then they have their reasons and although some may not agree, my hope would be that it would be because of his performance on the job and not for what he said when he was not even with the team.

  4. It's too late to apologize, most of us fans already hate him to pieces. I hope he goes to the wolves, or even better trade him away. I hate this AHL plug!