Saturday, 9 July 2011

Getting To Know You - Andrew Alberts

Our Flavor of the Week - Andrew Alberts #41 . Also known as AA to some but we like to call him Albs or Albsy in this house. Andrew came to the Canucks from Carolina, has been with us for two years and just re-signed for the next two years.(Yay!)  He plays defense, with .. well whoever happens to be beside him at the time. We even saw him on the first line with Juice when Hammer was out in the playoffs. 
Layin' the smack on a Hawk

Some Alby Stats - Andrew played 42 regular season games in the 2010/2011 season, and he played 9 games in the 2011 playoffs run. Albs had 1 goal & 6 assists in 42 games last season.

A Couple Alberts vids-
 First goal as a Canuck
An Albsy Fight - I guess Andrew conformed this season because his fighting vids are few & far between from the past yr. Before he came to us tho, it seemed like he scrapped everyone and anyone.

Some Albsy Facts - Andrew comes from Minneapolis and graduated from Boston College with a degree in Communications.  He played on Team USA with Kes and Ballard. Albs is hard to get a smile from when snapping a picture, but when you do get a smile, it's a sweet one !

 A signature with a smile.

Andrew isn't a top liner but he is a solid. The Canucks can count on him to play smart and do his job when he plays. A few fans I know would cry foul when Albs got the call over Ballard this past playoffs.. they questioned A.V's smarts.. and let me tell you.. that didn't sit well with this chick. Alberts deserved every minute of ice time he got this playoffs, he has grown over the past year and comparing him to Ballard is like comparing elephants to oranges. ;) Andrew may not be the fastest guy out there but he is definitely a solid.. and I like solids ! :P

( a buddy contacted me to let me know he follows my blog, and to ask me if I have a nicname for every player.. haha My answer " Of course !" That's something my teen & I do for the Nic Name Blog ;) ) 

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