Monday, 18 July 2011

Back to the Basics -2

Back to the Basics - Positions - ( ha no not those kind of positions ! )

Each team has a 23 man roster, with 20 dressing for each game. There are 4 lines, with 5 players per line.  A line consists of 3 forwards & 2 defense . The forward line has 2 wingers and a center.

The Center - The centers job is to do it all ! Sorta kinda ;). He covers the middle part of the ice from end to end. The center is usually a stellar passer as he is the guy setting his wingers up for goals. The center also takes most face-offs. On defense, the centers job is to disrupt the opposing teams play as much as possible. If your a center like our Ryan Kesler is, you will be superman & do it all !

Right/Left Wing - I would think it goes without saying but I'll say it anyways.. The right wing plays on the right side of the center & the left wing, on the centers left side ;) .  The winger mainly covers his side of the rink and works with his center to carry the puck into the opposing zone.  The winger takes passes made by his centerman to set up shots on goal.  Defensively the winger breaks up the opposing teams plays .. as much as possible. Wingers also block shots made by the opposing team.

Defensemen - The defense usually plays behind the forward line to keep the puck out of our end & in the opposing teams end. You may hear the term " pinching' quite often, that's a Dman doing his job.. keeping the puck in the opposing zone and not allowing the other team into our end. The defense blocks shots ( Ouch ! ) and he helps keeps the puck clear from his own goalie. Offensively, the dman gets the puck to his forwards and follows the play into the attacking zone.

The Goalie - The goalies job is pretty obvious ;) He needs to stop the puck ! He needs to stop every shot the other team makes on our net . He can kick it, catch it, poke check it, catch the puck with his face.. whatever it takes to stop that puck from going in his goal. Some goalies can puck handle well so they may leave their net to get the puck up ice quicker, this happens more on a powerplay than during 5 on 5 play.

Next Back to the Basics will cover Hockey lingo, terms & phrases used in the hockey world.

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