Friday, 22 July 2011

Off-Season HumDrums

The off-season is hard enough to get through but when mother nature gives us rain and clouds , it makes these 2 whole months even that much harder !  The other day I was thinking how training camp can't get here soon enough, and then i said to myself " Self, with hockey comes winter, and we do not like winter weather , so don't wish it here too soon".. but really, with the weather as it is, what's the damn difference ?! I want Hockey !!

Usually it's pretty easy to fill the hockey void during the off-season. The beach, the lake, camping, bbqs & beers, bon fires & smores, fishing, golfing, laying by the pool.. all fun summer things to do to fill the void. We just have one problem. Summer forgot to visit us this year. :(  So now what ?
The Canucks social media world & the Province Legendary Chatroom have rehashed the season, debated Bieksa, argued about Hoffer, dramatized Duco, and covered every other aspect of the Canucks, over and over and over again. Every day we hope to hear a bit of news from the Canucks.. something to feed the hunger and fill the void, something different to debate.. and we get nothing. So we can keep rehashing all the old Canucks' news , or we can find new creative ways to fill that Canucks void, while we wait for the sun .. or training camp. ( my bet is training camp comes first ! ;) )

Some creative ways to fill the hockey void -

-Go Canuck stuff hunting ! We hit thrift stores to see what fun Canucks merchandise the fake fans toss out. It's amazing what people get rid of. One man's trash is another woman's treasure .
-Bake Canuck cookies . Just a tip though.. blue food coloring and brown icing, do not mix to make Canucks blue . Next up is Canuck ice cream. That should be fun .
-Buy new shelves & wall units for all you're Canucks' stuff . We know with a new year brings new merchandise so why not prepare for it now 
-Debate and discuss the what-ifs of the 2010/2011 season. ( something i don't much care for :P )
- Start new trends on Twitter like #reasonswelost and then spend your day thinking up obscure reasons.
-Watch old games, videos & highlight reels. This seems to be a favorite amongst the Canucks social media fans. So I guess i'll hop on board & share a few... ...
or not. LOL I just went on a hunt for my favorite moments ( was going to post Luo's shut-outs ).. but I got sidetracked...

Kevin Bieksa - Juicin' up the room pre-game. I love the fact the guys let us in on a little bit of their locker room time. 
Game Prep - I wonder if Luo needs help with that sanding.. I could so do it !! ;)
Pre Pre-game - I just have to say , we have the most handsome team ever !
Walk with 'em -  so cool !
Luo - okay this one makes me cry.. I love the way the guys treat each other .. it's soooo cute ! .. and to see Luo get the love.. *sigh*

Is it October yet ?!!??

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.  - Carl Sagan

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