Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Few Favorite Moments

The 2010/2011 season was one ride I will never forget . It didn't end as we wanted, but wow what an amazing , fun, exciting, emotional experience it was.  How can I not relive it & share some of my favorite moments ? :P 
( a great way to pass time while we wait for Hansen to re-sign .. arbitration sucks ! )

We were lucky enough that the guys let us in on a few Locker room Celebrations.. 

-a few of my most faves-

~ Luo gets busted, bustin' a move - OH Em Gee way too cute ! If you don't get a chuckle out of this , I have a sense of Ha ha to sell ya ;) & for TG .. All we do is Win Win Win no matter what ! 
~ Goin to the Finals Baby ! - i could watch this one a million times.  So proud of the guys.. then & now 
Teach me how to Dougie - hahaha - another that makes me laugh. I wonder if Romer knows how to Dougie yet ? ;)

Going to a few practices was just one of the amazing experiences we had on this wild ride.. not sure who was more excited, the teen or me. 
Alex was at the practice when Manny was first spotted on ice practicing.. we accidentally scooped the story because Alex got there sooo early.. lol ooops , sorry media guys :P .   ( I'll save the vid for Manny's 'Getting To Know you ' blog )

Not the best picture quality .. but what a thrill it was to see him out there .. Such an inspiration ! 
Love the smile


Simply .. W O W !

The first day Alex went, she didn't know she was going, so all Burrs had to sign was her arm.. The second day .. she got Burrs stick. Can we say Holy Crap ! ?? !! BEST day ever !!!! Thank You Canucks !


Watching Luo this close, I felt like I was at my own private game. Was so surreal.

Assuming this was the Sharks bus, we flipped em the bird for good luck. It worked !!

You Rock Max !

The guys were busy & focused but still took the time to sign our jerseys . 

A Few more of my favorite videos - 

The sounds of the city after a goal  - this is amazing.

Canucks Rule - lil one knows this word for word.. was a favorite in this house.  Hawks who ?

Shots Shots Shots - a great collection of the Juice doin this thing .

~ Cory Mic'd .. he claims that was a woman screaming into his mic haha ... loved having the opportunity to listen in.. they should do this more often . btw.. did Stanchion ever get an apple for his part in this ?  

BlackHawks Down... and Out - no words can even describe how damn happy I was at this moment.

Last but not least, a few of the seasons stats.  ( I am not a big stat person.. horrible memory for numbers and well, stats don't always tell the full story .. but there were a few stats this year that stood out.. )

~The Canucks ended the regular season with 54 wins & 19 losses.. 19 !! That is pure awesomeness and something to be proud of ! ( sure doesn't help us in the draft tho does it.. haha )
~Daniel Sedin had 104 points in 82 games. 41 of those being goals, 63 assists. Hardware worthy !
~Roberto Luongo had 4 shutouts , 38 wins , and a goals against average of 2.11. He also got himself 3 apples ! ( one day he will score a goal ;) haha )

Cheers to the memories........ to a new season & new memories.

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