Thursday, 14 July 2011

Caption The Canuck

Roberto Luongo & Keith Ballard 
Use the comment section below to Caption The Canuck =) Feel free to leave more than one caption & please feel free to laugh at or comment on others. 

A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself. ~Unknown

A couple of captions from the Province Legendary Chatroom - 

~ Ballard: "Tell me a story, Lou. I'm so sad AV doesn't like me" Lou: "It's ok buddy, take a load off. There once was a Prince ....." -by Nucks on the Street

~ "Time to start carrying this team on your back Lu!!!" - by Merlyn


  1. He ain't heavy... he's my brother

  2. Hey Lu, AV told me, "anything I can do Rome can do better."

  3. Luo: Hide me from AV dude I need a quick break
    Ballard: Alright Ill try my best

  4. Ballard: " I just don't know how you do it"
    Lou: "Skill and well the devotion of my fans, especially Ellie"

  5. now THIS is how WE dougie

  6. Luo: I feel like I am in Boston again....