Saturday, 16 July 2011

Getting to Know You - Maxim Lapierre

Our Flavor of the Week -# 40, Maxim Lapierre, aka Max or Lapi. This 26 year old was born in Saint-Leonard, Quebec. He came to the Canucks late in the 2011 season in a trade with the Ducks. Max is a 6'2 right-shooting centerman and just re-signed with the Canucks for 2 years, which made me very happy =)

Max Stats - Max played 19 regular season games for the Canucks in the 2011 season, scoring 1 goal. He scored 3 goals and got 3 assists in the playoff run with one of those goals being a game winner.

Favorite Max Moments on Video -
Max scores on Thomas - Not only is this an awesome play by Juice & Max, but the way Max celebrates makes this video worth watching.. a few times ;)
First goal as a Canuck - Nice pass from Higgs from behind the net .
Can Max name the Provinces ?  - This podcast is way too funny ! Max is sooo cute in it. Points to Burrs & Schneids for their knowledge but half a point to Max for his.. cuteness :P

Max & his Dimples

 Max may be known through-out the league as a chirper, a diver and a trouble maker but when he came to the Canucks, he drank the kool-aid and played whistle to whistle like A.V asked him to do.  Max stepped it up and played 3rd line when Manny was out with his eye injury and he earned the respect of many Canucks fans.
His dazzling smile and pure sexiness has made him a favorite amongst the lady fans. I know of one fan who calls herself 'Mrs. Lapierre' and would do anything to let him know how awesome he is.  I guess we can say that Maxim has become a great addition to the Canucks team in more ways than one ;)

~Hockey players have fire in their hearts and ice in their veins. - Author Unknown