Friday, 29 July 2011

Caption The Canuck

Backup goalie Cory Schneider looks like he was saying something interesting in this shot...
I know he was definitely not talking bad about Robbie Luo ;)

~ "Ooooh look, sparkle!"
    - by FireflyFaery ( Province Sports' Legendary Canucks Chat)

~ "Did you SEE that save Luo made ? !! Amazing !!
    - by Me :P  

~ " I swear it was the woman behind me screaming like a girl when i was mic'd in game 7 "
    - by Me 

~ "you talking to me?"
    - by Canucklelion 

Add your caption for Cory in the comment section below !! :)


  1. Bite you? Bite me buddy.

  2. Holy crap! Did she just pull those out at practice?

  3. Luo was nominated for the Vezina? WTF?