Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Alex Burrows Sighting

It's the middle of July... do you know where your Canucks are ? Nah neither do I ;) .. but I do know where Alex Burrows was today ! He took time out of his summer holiday to spend a few hours signing autographs and posing for pictures for the fans.
I was unable to attend but being so lucky to have a teen who is in love with the Canucks,  I did get to enjoy the experience through BBMs and pictures :)

Alex & Alex

She says he is even more beautiful  up close & out of Uniform ;)

Just happens that Alex`s favorite player is Alex Burrows, which makes this even more fun ! This was the first meet & greet we have been able to partake in.. but it won`t be our last ;)

Adrian & Alex
 We met Adrian ( Super Fan aka Bieksa freak lol ) at a UBC practice early in the playoffs. We would run into him at the airport & other fan functions and became friends with him. You`ll probably see him lots in TheIcingonthePuck. Today he was meeting & greeting Burrs along with what seemed like a million other fans.

Alissa & Alex
 Alissa is a friend of the teens. She is also a Canucks fan and comes to the fan events with us. We accidentally made her our official photographer as it turned out she was usually the one with the best pictures.  ( Many of the pictures used in my blog were taken by her ).. but as you can tell from the picture, we do let her out from behind the camera sometimes ;)


 A huge thank you to Alex Burrows for sharing your time today !

Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows.- Robert Green Ingersoll

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  1. <3
    Third best day of my life.. (1st is the time he signed my arm, and second is the time he gave me his stick)