Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rypien It Up

Tonight the Canucks take on the Rangers in Rogers Arena. It's not just any regular game night tho. Tonight the machine...Ryan Kesler is back ! Tonight, Rick Rypien will be remembered before the game begins.

So I have been pondering.. who gets the most focus tonight ? With Kes back in the lineup, Coho will be shoved over to the wing.. will this work ? Will Coho shine beside Super Kes ? And is Kes ready to come back ? So many questions, which we will know the answers to by the nights end.

The other story to focus on...the one that is on my mind the most ... Rick Rypien and Kevin Bieksa. Kevin was best friends with Rick, and it is no secret how much Kevin & His family did for Rick.. so how will the tribute effect Kev ? Will Kev be able to shake it off and play hard , will he use Ricks memory to Ryp it up on the ice tonight ? Even tho Kevin and the rest of the team have been shown the tribute video so they are more prepared for it, I can only imagine it will tear them up inside no matter how many times they see it.

I will be paying much attention to Kevin tonight and he will be in my thoughts every second of the game. The boys now have Luc & Ryp watching over them while they play, because we know damn well that Luc and Rick wouldn't dare let heaven allow them to miss a game.. they will be there.. on the shoulders of our Canucks.
We will all be hoping, praying an wishing the Canucks can win this game.. for themselves, for us and most of all, for Rick. Ryp it up out there boys !

RIP #37 - Forever A Canuck <3


  1. I believe Kevin will struggle with emotions until that first contact then he'll be pumped to perform his best knowing Rick would tell him too :-)

  2. so much for "fluff"