Thursday, 13 October 2011

Getting to Know You - Chris Higgins

Our Flavour of the Week - #20 Chris Higgins aka Higgs or Higgy. Chris came to the Canucks late in the 2010/11 season in a trade which also brought us Lapierre. He is 6'0 , 205 lbs and plays left wing. Chris is 28 years old and hails from Smithtown NY. His NHL career started with the Canadiens but he went through a few teams before landing , feet first, in Vancouver.

Higgy Stats - in the 2010/11 season he played 14 regular season games, scooping up 5 points. In the playoffs, Chris played 25 games with 8 points. The stat that most stands out is the Broken Foot stat ;) .... Higgs played through most of the playoffs with a broken foot and it never slowed him down. This alone gained the respect and adoration of many Canucks fans.

Gettin Higgy with It Vids -
After Hours - a vid from shortly after Chris came to us.. P.S Thank You MG for Chris !!
Higgs Scores ! - playoff goal vs Sharks.. why'd i choose this one ? Look who's in the box during this goal ;) That made me smile :D 
Higgs History Will Be Made - i have one word for this .. Goosebumples !
Chris from Burrs - vs Flyers - Beautiful Goal !

Higgy Tid Bits - I love this guy ! He may not be a stand out super star , but in my eyes, he is up there with the brightest stars on our team. The fact he couldn't walk on his foot, yet once he hit the ice you couldn't tell he was in agony, amazes me. I saw Chris at a practice shortly after he shattered his foot and he could barely walk, he came out limping, using his stick to hold his weight, but once he hit that ice it was smooth skating. That day, my respect for Higgy hit high levels. Chris plays hard and it shows every time he is on the ice... this is the kind of guy I want on our team :) I won't mention his sexy lips, gorgeous eyes & how good his butt looks in spandex.. oh yes I will ! How could I not ? *sigh*

Gettin Higgy With It

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