Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Canucks in Columbus & Sedin Security

The Canucks are on a road trip which started with them in Columbus taking on the Blue Jackets. Our Canucks came out on top with a final score of 3-2. Cory Schneider got the start between the pipes & stopped 23 of the 25 shots he faced as well as a penalty shot to help swing the momentum our way.
Higgins opened up scoring with a tip off a Manny shot, Coho sank the 2nd goal for us and Burrows popped his own rebound in to get the game winner. It wasn't the best start we have seen but it was a great finish :)

One thing I'd like to touch base on is the fact that our super stars get zero respect in this league. Henrik and Daniel Sedin, two of the best players in the NHL and two of the nicest more respectful players, seem to get beat on quite a bit. We saw it in the cup finals , and have already seen it just two games into the season. Opposing team players seem to think it is open season on the twins, possibly because in the cup finals when it happened, the league took no steps to stop it, and the refs turned a blind eye. This may have given other teams a sense of security when laying cheap shots on the twins. If others got away with it, why won't they . It needs to stop. Our guys can beat up every guy who hurts a Sedin, but then our guys take the risk of sitting in the sinbin and giving the other team the PP and the chance to score. Not a very fair trade off I'd say, especially when we have refs who are supposed to stop and punish that type of behavior.
Last night Henrik was hit from behind by Blue Jacket Marc Methot, a very dangerous hit which resulted in a 2 minute penalty for Methot. When Bieksa and Volps called Methot out, he refused to drop the gloves. If Bieksa or Volps would have dropped them first, we would have been given an instigator penalty .. so they let it go. Understandable in a close game where we are after the win.. but this hit better be reviewed by Shanahan , and a message should be sent out that other teams cannot bully the twins and get away with it. The twins have earned the respect they deserve, and the league needs to keep that in check... or we need to pick a goon up and call him ' The Sedin Security'. Bottom line, it needs to be dealt with.. our Sedins are worth it and much more.


  1. Shanahan is suspending anyone who moves the wrong way right now, but I doubt he will if it has anything to do with the Canucks...

  2. you're right.. Nothing was done. Just like it never happened.
    btw, Hank didnt practice today ... will play tmrow but it makes ya wonder..

  3. What can fans do in this situation? Is there anyway we can hold Shanahan accountable? Who does if we can not? There has to be some way we can get in this guys face and let him know that while he is watching (or turning a blind eye) the players, we, the fans are watching him!