Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ballard Needs Yellow

According to @HeyFoxman if Keith Ballard had a yellow visor, he would become a beast ! Ballard has some new wheels, so why not a new visor ? !
I think Foxman is on to something here so I am writing this to support his campaign.

 Taken from the Province Chatroom -

     - Foxmans entrance into the conversation - "ballard on the point with the yellow visor = the best damn powerplay ever in existance"
     - Foxman to Jonathan McDonald  " JMAC start the yellow visor revolution" 
     - "not if ballard get the yellow visor it wont even be close Ballard will be in beast mode and mutilate the compitition....Letang will **** his pants at the sight of Ballard and his yellow visor, shea Weber would weep like a 16 year old girl at the sheer thought of it "

Foxman to me on Twitter - 



did you tell Ballard he needs to sport the Yellow visor like Eric Weinrich then he is a 60 pt d-man hands down...
 and in an email -
- "the yellow visor is awesome its quite clear. Look at old eric weinrich pictures dude is a beast with it on ballard would be in beast mode once he has that" - @HeyFoxman 
- "it'll be awesome because it'll be like  he is trying to impress vigneualt or something to stand out I dunno im weird i miss the yellow visor we need one so the rest of the league hates us even more" - @HeyFoxman

So I guess it is safe to say that @TheFoxman is now leading the "Ballard Needs Yellow' campaign. He makes some very valid points so hey, let's support him in the Ballard Needs Yellow campaign .. if you see Keith, tell him  He Needs Yellow !


  1. I'll be telling Keith a lot of things if I see him but him needing a yellow visor won't be one of them. Sorry Foxman :-P

  2. This is so dumb, and so not funny...foxman looks like an idiot, every time he brings this up on the chat. And now you Ellie are egging him on, so sad.

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  4. I read the chat just about every day, especially when the province writers are live. I just don't get this yellow visor thing, and think it's a waste of space there, and definitely here...

  5. I sorta look at it like.. some people have other long time running jokes.. example = Rome jokes.. yes im sure some feel its abso stupid, and some are tired of it.. but.. there are sooo many ppl in the room that we cannot all like everything ppl do...
    i know im tired of a few long running jokes on certain players .. but everyone needs to feel accepted & comfortable right.
    Its not harming anyone .. but it does make someone happy :) and i love to see people happy !

  6. Ellie, can you please stop having fun! Especially here, God knows fun doesn't belong here!