Friday, 7 October 2011

The Canucks The Bright Side & The Choice

Canucks played their opening game of the regular season last night in Rogers Arena and came up short in a shootout, losing a point & the game. Final score was 4-3 Penguins. Max Lapierre#40, Keith Ballard#4 and Daniel Sedin#22 scored our three goals. Roberto Luongo#1 made 28 saves and ended with a .893 save %. We scored zero goals in the shootout giving the Pengs the extra point when they scored twice.

 Maybe I should warn you before you proceed.. I am not one to sit and complain about all the things Canucks did wrong, for more than one reason, so if that is what you enjoy, stop reading right about now :) Not everyone in life finds the need to focus only on the negative.. some of us prefer to seek out the positive ... I am one of those types. I form my own opinion, I make my own choice on which team I am a fan of and I don't always agree with the main stream.. so shoot me .. or read me, the choice is yours ! ;)
I can agree, Luo allowed 2 not so great goals & his tummy flop thing on the last shootout goal was Luo-ish,  the team came out way sluggish, Coho was caught in slow motion a few times, Bieksa became a screen at one point, Samuelsson on the shootout?, Coach AV didn't play the vets enough in pre season waa waa etc... but I also saw a Higgs who was playing very well, I saw many great saves made by Luo, I saw the twins dominate many times, I saw a few nice hits , some good passes and 3 great goals ! I mean heck even Ballard scored a goal... that in itself is one huge bright side for Ballard fans.
I'm horrible at remembering specifics and I am not the biggest stats person, stats do not always tell the story & it's too easy to copy & paste a stat, so I write from my recollections for the most part and to my recollection, I got the chance to say LUUUOOO many times during the game, which means he made good saves because I only LUUUOOO when he makes a save . I also recall cheering on Higgins an awful lot, saying " Damn this guy is on a mission", I remember Lapierre playing killer .. and I recall thinking how good Ballards goal looked ( can't believe I have to admit that ;) ) so yes, there were good aspects of the game. The fact that we came back from 2 goals down, twice, is something to be optimistic about as well.. much better than not coming back at all right ;)
I could complain about all the hate from Canucks fans that gets spewed so often, but what's the point ? I'm sure those fans also have some good aspects about them... I am also sure that those fans can make the choice to stop following a team which makes them so unhappy, just like I can make the choice on what I focus on.. The Bright Side !

We lost to the Penguins in a shootout.. imagine if we lost to the Leafs by a shutout ? ;) Yes, there is always a bright side :)
If fans are condemning the Canucks to a horrible season because of one game, those same fans must be thinking the Leafs will win the cup and that Boston sucks !
Suck it up or hop off the wagon.. it's your choice . :)


  1. Well said! And I was SOOO happy to hear Ballard scored! One more step away from AV's doghouse haha