Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Blame Game

Last night the Canucks hosted the New York Rangers, a team who had not won a game yet this season. The Canucks came up short.. way short, and the social media went crazy ! The boos and jeers that Luongo received last night were a shame to the fan base in Vancouver, and many took it personal it seems. The arguing, defending and debating was in full force, and seems to be still.

When Luo plays, it's all about laying the blame .. on him. From the start of the game, people expect him to mess up.. and it's almost like they are pleased when he does let a goal in because hey, at least now we have someone to blame right.  It's like the old saying " expect the worse and that is what you shall receive".  Personally, I get butterflies when I know Luongo is starting, because I know, if he doesnt stop every single puck shot at him, I will have to listen to the Luo Blame for days to come. That sucks !
I can understand people being frustrated when we lose, I can understand being upset that the other goalie saved 40freakin shots while our goalie didn't.. but I do not get the mind set " Boo him, hate him, blame him & maybe he will play better next time". Seriously ? You think it is going to help Luo or the Canucks ? Do you think his teammates & coaches will hear you whine & bitch and chase him out of Vancouver for you ? I wonder if some people have heard the saying " If you have nothing nice to say, shut the heck up!".
How about the 40 shots on the opposing teams net that our guys couldn't put in ? Or maybe the breakdown on the d-line which allows the opposing team to skate in and get a perfect shot off on Luo... none of that matters ? It's all about Luongo..  even when Cory is in net it's all about Luo ;)

While I do not expect every Canucks fan to like every player on the team, I do think every Canucks fan should respect the TEAM.. and by booing Luo, by blaming Luo, people are disrespecting the whole team. If they cannot see that fact, they need to take life lessons. It plays on every single players mind when one of their own is being trashed. They are a family.. and I'm sure if any fans family member was being trashed, that fan would feel it, somehow.  So while a person may not like Luo, if they are a fan and like the Canucks, they need to step back and grab a clue.  I am pretty sure it is safe to say that every fan of the Canucks is dying for that Cup... well then, maybe we should band together & support the whole team ! Maybe we should stop and think about how the negativity  will effect every single player on the team.. not just Luo.  If they really care, they would stop.
#Luollove #canuckslove

( rough draft but i need to get it out there :P.. woke up with a burning desire to get this out there... )

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  1. I knew that a win was going to be a challenge. Not because I know anything about the players and their hockey ability but because I knew with the love of RYP going around it was going to make playing hockey to win a challenge.

    Let me ask you. If you lost someone near and dear and then had to watch a video of that person with a song that too closely sounds how your friend may have been feeling, would you be able to go to work and turn your attention to nothing but the business of the day?

    There are many of us who use work as a place to escape the troubles and tribulations of life but in a situation like this, when there are others on that day who are there for the specific reason to make sure that their day is better than yours, it is unlikely that you will have a mistake free day.

    Last night was what it was, a time to remember and for those lucky enough to have special people in our lives, a time to be grateful. The game? The Rangers can have it. The guys will get them next time.