Wednesday, 5 October 2011

One More Sleep ...

It's the day before our Canucks play their first game of the regular season.. are you ready ??  I Know I am ! Jerseys are ready, cheering voice is rested and ghosts of 2011 game 7 are a thing of the past.
It's time to move onward and upwards !

Will Ryan Kesler be ready to come back before November ? Having undergone surgery not too long ago, word was he would not be back in game form before November, but we got news today that he is cleared for contact .. good news in my books :)

Oreskovich was sent down to the Wolves ( cleared waivers )  while new guy Dale Weise ( pronounced Weese) will take his place. My opinion on Oreo was that he was not physical enough and didn't protect our players enough, so I am not devastated he is gone and I am looking forward to seeing how Weise fits with the guys. He will play on 4th line with Max Lapierre and Aaron Volpatti.

Will the Canucks get off to their usual slow start ? I think not ! Cup run hangover ? Nah.. leave that hangover for the fans;).. The boys tasted that cup .. I think that will give them extra motivation. Even with new faces on the team, I think the boys will do okay to start.

Which Canuck will be the next to pose naked for us ? Can anyone top Kesler ? Luongo was asked but turned down the offer and Bieksa is finding the whole naked Ryan thing pretty funny. I would pay to be a fly on the locker room wall on any given day but today especially !
Cut or what ! Wowsers !

 Buckle up folks, I think we are in for another amazing ride. Go Canucks Go !

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