Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Training Camp

Training camp is just around the corner and that means we get to see how injuries are doing, how the short summer effected the guys and we get to check out the newest signings and the invitees. I was going to pick one thing I am most excited about seeing, but that is impossible. I want it all !
So many questions come with the new season, new faces to see, new names to learn and new anxiety .. waiting to see how it all plays out. Don't ya just love it ? !! 

The New Guys :

Marco Sturm - 32 yrs old, left winger, played his last game for Washington in May 2010/11.  Possibly a new beginning for Marco, if his knees hold up. Can he be a 20+ goal scorer with those knees ? I'm rooting for him ;) Hmm , I wonder if he can talk Ovi into coming to Van ! (justkidding.. kinda )
Mark Mancari - 26 yrs old, right winger, played his last game with Buffalo in April 2011. Mark will have to get gritty and play hard if he wants a spot on the Canucks roster. Is he possibly just some more padding for the Wolves ?
Byron Bitz -   27 yrs old, right winger, played his last NHL season in 2009/10 with the Panthers. We want this guy just for the 'bitz' jokes ;)  Biggest problem I see with Byron is the fact he played for the Bruins once upon a time. Hope he got the Bruin cooties out of his system ;)
Andrew Ebbett - 28 yr old, Center, played his last NHL game with Phoenix in April 2011.  Not the biggest guy, we'll see where he fits come Oct but my guess is he will be with the Wolves.
Steven Pinizzotto - 27 yrs old, right winger, played for the AHL Hershey Bears in 2010/2011. Steve hasn't played in an NHL game yet , looking forward to seeing what this guy is bringing... other than a name that will be fun to nicname. Is Steve going from a bear to a wolf ? 
Alexander Sulzer - 27 yrs old, defenceman, played with Florida in the 2010/2011 season. Alexander is the only dman on this list .. what's up with that ? That means we have an awesome defensive core unit and Alex has his work cut out for him.
Mike Duco - 24 yrs old, Right winger, played his last NHL game with Florida in March 2011.  Already a fan non-favorite due to his twitters about our twins and the Canucks, this guy has a tough road ahead of him.  I forgive him but do you and thousands of other Canucks fans ? #freeduco

Invitees :

Owen Nolan - 39 yrs old, right winger, spent his 2010/11 season in the Swiss league. I know many may feel due to his age, this isn't someone we need right now. I beg to differ.  Either way, this is Owens chance to get his butt back into the NHL and I am very excited to see him in training camp. Kudos to the Canucks for this invite. 
Manny Legace - 39 yrs old, Goalie, spent 2011 playing in Germany for a team called the.. Roosters ( haha ) . When Canucks invited Legace to training camp, the talk started. Why another goalie ? Is MG planning a goalie move ? My take - let's have a vet backup goalie for Lack and when trade deadline comes, MG has the option of using Schneids as trade fodder and we will have a vet backup for Luo in the playoffs. All we can do for now is speculate and see how close we come to being right.
Todd Fedoruk - 32 yrs old, left winger, played his last game in the NHL in Tampa Bay 2009/10.  This tough guy has been involved in some legendary fights, including one with Boogaard in 2006 which shattered his face. Todd has admitted to having a drug and alcohol issue in the past but says he is now clean and sober and ready to roll. With the support from the Canucks organization , could this be Todds chance to make a comeback into the NHL ?
Steve Begin33 yr old  agitating winger , spent his 2010/11 season in the AHL.   Will having Steve there, fighting for what he feels may be his last chance to play in the NHL as a winger, make Vichy ( Oreskovich ) step up. Vichy sits unsigned at the moment and Max Lappy needs a 4th line winger at his side. Can Steve begin again ? ;)

* I've not covered every new guy or invitee.. so for a complete list click Here ;)

Training camp also gives us the chance to see how our boys & their injuries have progressed/healed. Mason Raymond, Mikael Samuelsson, Ryan Kesler, Chris Higgins, Henrik Sedin, Alex Edler, Kevin Bieksa, Mannys eye.... Wow we did get beat up last season didn't we ?! :( Get well quick guys !

Prospects Young Stars Tournament - Penticton B.C - Sept. 11- Sept 15
Training Camp -  Sept. 16 - Sept. 19
First Pre season Game - Sept. 20th !!!!! :)


  1. Considering I still haven't forgiven Keith Tkachuk for trying to give Henrik a third eye all those years ago...Duco still has major grovelling to do...

  2. You'll be a tough one to crack ;). Duco has a bumpy road here in Van that he needs to pave.

  3. Free Duco!!
    (But DON'T Passittobulis!