Monday, 19 September 2011

Fan Etiquette and Respect

As an avid Canucks fan , I tend to get out to many events and I read, discuss & debate  much Canucks hockey on social media. After seeing some rather disturbing and disrespecting behavior by some fans, I want to take a moment to express my opinion on this subject and maybe put out a simple reminder :)

1. Respect - respect goes a very long way. Respect to the players and other fans. If you see a player on the street, say hi or thank you or even you're my hero.. but whatever you do, do not mob him ! Do not go in for a hug thinking he is your bestie. Unless of course, he is your bestie ;)
When at Canuck events, don't shove fans out of your way to get a better position. Let the little ones up front .. if you have 500 pics and siggys from a player, why not let others in so they can get a single pic or a single siggy.
Why be so greedy ? Why not share and be happy that other fans get the opportunity that you get ? Why not share in others happiness ? I've seen some fans tell others to F-off when they ask a simple Canucks question, I've seen some fans literally block the players from other fans.. This behavior just says one thing...disrespect.  Do we seriously want Canucks fans to be known that way? Don't we get enough crap thrown at us, that we need these disrespectful fans feeding the fodder ? I think not :P

2. More Respect - so you run into some fans that you do not care for.. it's a big world, a HUGE Canucks fan base, so why not just ignore them. Never try to make other fans uncomfortable, or make them feel like they do not have the right to be at the same event as yourself.  We are not all alike, we come from many different lifestyles and we all have our reasons for being a fan.. let's try to remember this and show respect for each other.

3. Social Media & the Players - do you want Canucks players on twitter ? How bout ya chill out on the begging for retweets & follows and just appreciate the fact that we are lucky enough to get the twitter interaction from them. I'm not saying don''t tweet to them, or don't try for a retweet/follow, but to spam their timeline begging them is probably not the best way to keep them on Twitter ;) Give the guys the respect and space they deserve.
The new NHL rule, players can not tweet on game days makes sense, especially when they get hatespam and lovespam all over their walls. Many jobs do not allow twitter while at work.. game days are the Canucks work, so let's try to respect that fact.

4. Don't Beg - please try to refrain from begging the players for their equipment ! This just reeks of desperation and lack of class. The players choose when and who they give their sticks,pucks etc away to.. maybe one day you will be that lucky person but until then, don't put the guys on the spot and beg them for it.  It's so wrong on so many levels should I even have to say it ? lol

5. Remember.. the players are not obligated to share their free time with us fans, they choose to and they can very well choose to stop sharing that time with us. Let's not give them reason to revoke fan interaction.. because damn that would suck !

6. Appreciate the Players.. as humans, with families and feelings. Don't be out there disrespecting the family members because you are jealous you are not them ;) haha.. I know 'fanism' is part of what comes with being an NHLer and the wives know what they are in for when marrying an NHLer, but that doesn't make it right to disrespect them.

Let's make this a year that the Canucks and Vancouver can be proud of their fans ! After what some 'fake' fans did to our city in June, I think we owe ourselves & the players at least this much.

A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference 
~Winnie the Pooh~

I should add that I see more happy, sharing, decent fans than not, but I think i've seen enough disrespect to voice my opinion on it, and because I blog, that is exactly what i did. So here ya have it. :)

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