Thursday, 29 September 2011

Canucks vs Ducks - My Take ...

Last night found our Canucks in the Duck pond, facing the Ducks for the second time this pre-season. The difference bewteeen game 1 and game 2.. we actually had a solid line of vets in game 2! Daniel, Henrik and Burrows showed why they are top line, dominating on 99% of their shifts. Burrows had the first shot on net , which did not go unnoticed by my Alex of course ;) Luongo was in net and looked rather spiffy in his new mask & pads. This being their first game since that dreaded and not to be spoken of game, there had to of been some nerves going on amongst the boys, but they came out looking pretty solid.

Ducks opened the scoring with a shot off of Mancari , into our net . Oops . Second goal was the Ducks as well. Alberts was screening Luo so let's not lay the blame on Luo for that one. He couldn't see shit with Albs there.. maybe Albs needs to take jumping lessons from Burrs ? ;) Third goal, was ours ! Henrik deflected a Juicey shot to put the Canucks on the score board. The comeback kids were at it again when Salo scored a slap shot goal to tie it up. Unfortunatley the Ducks scored in the third with a shot that Luo could have and should have stopped and the boys couldn't sink one to tie it up, not from lack of trying tho.

A few things stood out to me in this game.
1. Alberts aka Pickle. What's up with him? Skating down ice with the puck and getting shots on goal ? Stealing the puck and looking very solid he sure the heck impressed me last night. Of course I am an Alberts supporter and I have said he will only get better and if last night was an indication of what's to come , I'd have to say " I'm right !". Alberts looks much improved thus far . WTG Pickle !
2. Cody Hodgson started in center on the 2nd line between Strum and Samuelsson and was kicking butt on face offs. he looks to be much quicker this year , and instead of making a play and stepping back, he is following through, not giving up and sticking with it. Huge payouts for Coho who is fighting for a starting roll.
3. Marco Sturm. That man is in on every play when he is on the ice. He gets shots on net, makes some great passes and seems to have a good head for hockey . Some people think he won't be able to keep up the pace, I feel differently, like I usually do :P
4. #FreeDuco !

The Canucks lost 3-2 but overall it was a pretty good game and from the looks of twitter, many people were happy to see more vets on pre season ice.

Next game is tonight, Thursday September 28, in San Jose. Puck off is at 7:30.

Luongo Quote - 
"All things considered, it was my first game. I think it went all right," Luongo said. "Obviously I'd like to have at least one of those (goals) back but the feeling in general was pretty good."

A Juicey Tweet -
Kevin Bieksa

Great to be back on ice tonight! Missed an epic night of baseball however! Interested to see my boy naked in ESPN mag...really?


  1. Well done and I agree and would add Oreo played his best game this pre-season and looks faster and more confident. I also think Hiller was the difference with a few huge timely saves.

  2. I do agree on the Vichy thing... i picked the 3 that stood out mostest to me ;).. LOL Vichy seems to have improved over summer big time. Great to see ! ( im not a huge Vichy fan tho.. he rubs me wrong.. )
    Hiller, like last sat... stole the dang game ! Killer toe save in the last bit.. UG..
    Not so much he played better than Luo tho.. Luo 'let' one goal in ( 2 were not particularly his fault ).. Hiller let 2 in.. just my opinion of course ;) LOL