Thursday, 15 September 2011

Canucks in September

Welcome back to Canucks hockey ! This is it folks.. the long wait is over and Canucks hockey is pretty much here. Starting the weekend of September 17th, we fans can once again enjoy our Vancouver Canucks.  
On Saturday September 17th and Sunday Sept. 18th, you can head down to Rogers Arena to see the Canucks open practice. More info Here. Head out and show the boys some early fan support ! 

Pre-season games start on September 20th with 2 games. Half the team will play against Calgary in Vancouver and half will play against Calgary in Calgary.
September 22, the Canucks play in Edmonton.
September 24th the Canucks come home to host the Mighty Ducks in Rogers arena .
September 25th the Canucks kick the Ducks out and invite the Sharks in.
September 28th the Canucks visit the Ducks in Anaheim.
September 29th the Canucks head on over to San Jose to play the Sharks.

It may just be pre-season but it is Canucks hockey ;).. and a great chance to see the guys and what they are bringing this season.
Buckle up folks... it's going to be another amazing ride ! :D

Ready for more Rome goals ? ;)


  1. Didn't think I'd read the fine print, did ya?

  2. Ha Ha Ha ! Liked that one didn't ya ;)

  3. I'm giving you this one. Don't let it happen again.

  4. TEAM THIGHS!! I win :-)