Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Rundown - Pre Season vs Calgary

Finally ! Canuck hockey talk !! Last night was our first Pre-season Canucks hockey, with the split squads playing against the Calgary Flames. Before the games started, I called a win at home and a loss away. I would have preferred two wins, but hey, when the Flames dress 80% of their vets & we dress 10%, it's almost a sure win for them. I found it rather difficult to follow both games and twitter, so this is not an in depth by me.. just a run down for people who missed the game. :D

The Away Game Notes - Final score was Flames 5 Canucks 1. Mark Mancari scored the lone goal for our Canucks. In goal to start was Lagace , with Climie coming in half way through the 2nd period. The Canucks got a total 13 penalties with the Flames only taking 4. ( wtf is up with that ?? !! ) Shots on goal were 32-24 for Calgary.
Not much else to report .. Cody didn't get the minutes many were expecting him to have, Alberts dropped the gloves, Duco dropped the gloves... and we lost .

The Home Game Notes -  Canucks won this game in the 3rd period. The comeback kids strike again ! Final score was 4-3 with Jensen scoring the winning goal. Marco Sturm (1st) Christopher Tanev (2nd), Jordon Schroeder( 3rd & the tying goal) and Niklas Jensen (4th and winner ) were the goal scorers for the Canucks. Aaron Rome got himself an apple off the Strum goal. ( yes i had to get that stat in there, it doesn't happen often :P)  The final shots on goal were 32-22 for the Flames.
A few guys stood out last night in the home game. Sturm being the top in my books. Pinizzotto had a very good showing as did Tanev, Jensen and Schroeder. Eddie Lack, who shared goalie duties with Schneider , played solid in net, at times looking extremely agile and smooth for a guy of his height. Ballard got good ice time and played a solid game, so does that blow the whole 'lack of ice time because AV hates him' theory out of the water ? For those keeping track.. Ballards ice time = 21.04 and Romes = 20.37.  Mark it down ;)

 Next Canucks game is Thursday , Sept.22 in Edmonton @ 6pm

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