Monday, 12 September 2011

Back to the Basics - 3 - Hockey Terms, Lingo & Phrases

In this Back to the Basics post I will cover some of the terms, lingo and phrases you may hear while watching a Canucks game.   There are terms one needs to know to follow the game of hockey and there are phrases and hockey lingo that one should know if they enjoy talking hockey with those who do know ;) ( Say that 5 times fast :P ha )
Some of you may know most or all terms I will list , but let's help those who don't know them get ready for the season ! Remember... A helpful Canucks fan is a good Canucks fan ! :D haha  If i have left any off the list that you feel should be known, please feel free to add them in the comment section .

Between the Pipes - in the net  - Example : Kesler sinks one between the pipes to give the Canucks a 1-0 lead !
Coast to Coast - this is when a player carries the puck from his own net, down ice to the opposing teams net and he scores.
Chirp - trash talk
Cherry Picking - when a player hangs out behind the play, waiting for an outlet pass to send him on a breakaway. 
Five Hole - the area between the goalie's legs... when he is in net. 
Hat Trick - this is when a single player scores 3 goals in one game. Fans throw hats onto the ice in celebration of it .
Gordie Howe Hat Trick - a goal, an assist and a fight by a single player in one game. Not too sure what we throw on the ice for this celebration ;)
Drop Pass - when a player passes the puck behind for his teammate to pick up. I personally love watching this play.
Puck Bunny - a person who is more interested in the players than the game.. *editors note - if you are a puck bunny, you may not enjoy my blog.. I don't much cater to puck bunnies .. I love the hot sexiness that comes with hockey but I also love the game itself. :P
Sieve - a goalie who lets in a lot of goals  (backoff with the Luo jokes ya haters!)
Sin Bin - the penalty box.
Slapper - a slap shot
Slot - the middle area in front of the net .
Top Shelf -  where gramma keeps the cookies ;) - this is when a player scores the goal in the upper part of the net.
Zebra/Stripes - referee.
Bread Basket - the goalies chest area. A player is not very likely to score if he is shooting at the bread basket .
Spin-o-Rama - a term i can not stand ! I believe it is when a player gets turned around, spins around, puts 1 foot in and shakes it all about. :D In my opinion, this term has no spot in the NHL world. Tough guys do not do 'spin o ramas'.. *sigh*
Breakaway - Kesler steals the puck from Marchand and skates it down ice all alone .. he shoots, he scores !!!! << thats a breakaway ;)
Dive - when a player embellishes a hit on him and takes a dive hoping to draw a penalty to the opposing player. An obvious dive will get a penalty tho so a player really shouldn't do this .
Forechecking - when a player is checking in the offensive zone trying to gain control of the puck so he can set up a scoring chance.
Saucer Pass - when a player makes a pass and the puck sails over the ice , not on the ice.
Split the D - when a player skates between the 2 defending defensive players, usually using skill and fancy foot work.
Wrap Around - when a player skates comes behind the net and tries to wrap the puck around the goal post to put it in the net.
Butterfly - a style of goaltending.. when the goalie tends to cover the bottom of the net by 'butterflying' his legs.
Chicken Wing - when a player holds the opposing players stick under his arm, making it so the opposing player cannot skate away.. without leaving his stick behind.
PK aka Penalty Kill - this is when we are down a man  or two ) due to a penalty.
PP aka Power Play - this is when we are up a man ( or two ) due to a penalty.
Poke Check - when a player uses the blade of his stick to jab/poke the puck off the opposing players stick.
Get it Out - no that is not what she said.. haha that's what I say when the opposing team has the puck down in our end of the ice. 
Swagger - watch Kesler out there on ice.. THAT is swagger ;)

This list may get added to as time goes.. Laurie, if it does, I'll be sure to update you ;)


  1. "Gordie Howe Hat Trick - a goal, an assist and a fight by a single player in one game. Not too sure what we throw on the ice for this celebration"....Your bra

  2. hahaha I'll leave that to Chickass .. for reasons better left unsaid ;)