Sunday, 26 June 2011

One Heckofa Ride

  I miss the ride !!!! I miss the roller coaster of emotions, the ups, the downs, the wins and yes, even the losses. (  a loss meant i was still on the ride )  I miss the Canucks. I miss having to rush around to get things done in time for the game. I miss talking hockey every day . I miss watching the interviews, giggling over the players silly antics with the kids. The 2010/2011 season was amazing. It was a ride to remember, from game 1 of the preseason, to the final game in.. well ya, let's not go there.

 Every season I try to partake in as much Canucks activity as I possibly can. This past season I got lucky. My kids have finally taken an interest in my most favorite thing, the Canucks, and together we were able to enjoy so many aspects of the season. Game days in this house became a ritual of sorts, me, the girls, our jerseys and our Canucks. We went to a few games, stood in the freezing snow to see the super skills competition, which was so worth the frozen toes, we went to the airport to see the team off and were there when they came home after a road trip. We were even lucky enough to go to a few Canucks practices which was oh-so-amazing !
It was one heckofa ride... and I sure do miss being on it. 

Welcome Home !

Alex and Alex B's stick at practice
Robbie Luo & his Lil one @ superskills 2011

I'll be posting pictures, videos, stories, podcasts and any other goodies I find that I use to get my Canucks fix, so for those going thru the hockey withdrawls, I will be sharing. Don't worry, we will get our fix !

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  1. I even miss your updates and you filling me in on things , I got to know the Canucks through you, after all these years of watching listening and hearing about "your Canucks" lol, I finally got right into it and loved it so come game time you have a new fan on board. Tammy