Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Armchair Knows Best ...

  Holy heck is there ever a lot of armchair GMs during trade time. It seems everyone and their dog has insight as to what Mike Gillis should be doing, who he should be re-signing, for how much and for how long. I admit, there are a few guys I am anxious to get re-signed and one or two guys I would be okay losing, but when it comes down to it, we are all just fans, not NHL General Managers and probably don't have the insight or knowhow to do what MG does.
   The Province 24/7 Canucks chat and the world of Twitter have an abundance of opinions .. some that make sense and some that seem to come from way left field;).
    Since I won't be doing any heated opinionated armchair GMing in my blogworld,  I thought I would share some of the trade talk, silliness, and opinions that I see floating around out there. ( all in good fun of course ) 

~ Offer Richards a 100 year 100 mil contract, front loaded . by Ryan (In response to another chatter asking if the Canucks could sign Richards )  - (Province Chat) =))

~ I can't make any sense of the Bieksa contract structure. I've been starting at that one tweet for 5 minutes straight now. -  ( Cam Twitter )
~ Kesler needs a combo of grit and speed along with someone who can score with a single touch and fast release -  by NCF (Province chat)  

~ sedin-sedin-burr, Gagny-kesler-sammy, raymond-malhtora-hodson
, oreswick-lappy-hansen  - by gurp ( Province chat )

~ You sign Salo for the LTIR - by thospratt ( Province chat) 

~ wouldnt it be nice to have Jagr sign with canucks  - by Gurp (Province Chat) 

!~ trade erhoff to det for ferraro's kid  - by Foxman ( Province chat)  =))

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  1. That's a cop out. I want to know what YOU think? Yes, we all have opinions and some, like mine(if I had any) would be uneducated, however, you are educated in the world of hockey. Give us a taste come on. I need to sound brainy to my husband. lol