Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Big Day... Canucks in Boston

The big day everyone has been waiting for is approaching. Our Vancouver Canucks will be in Boston to take on the much hated ( by me ) Boston Bruins.  The discussions about the big day have begun amongst Canucks fans. Some people are not liking the 10 am start, some fans are excited for the game, some not so excited..  and some people are discussing which goaler will get the start.
Of course I have an opinion on the whole goaler debate.. so here I am, writing in my blog for the first time in months. :) Missed me didn't ya ;) hah

As the story goes and we are all well aware of,  Luongo got lit up in game 7 vs the Bruins and this seems to be the argument against starting Luo in net vs the Bruins on Jan 7th.  I don't get the reasoning tho. If we go by that rule, the whole team minus a handful would be sitting. Last time i checked, Luongo was not the only player on ice that horrible night and he was not the only player to stink it up. I do believe we scored a whopping zero goals, which means, if you go by the above reasoning, that our goal scorers should sit because they obviously can't score against the Bruins right ;) Ya, it just doesn't make sense right.
The whole team stunk it up and the whole team deserves a chance to get out there and redeem themselves, including Roberto. If Luongo is in net and the Canucks lose, will it hurt his confidence ? It very well could but it could also hurt the whole teams confidence. Why is Luongo any different than the rest of the guys? I do believe every one of those players cried after losing that game, which means they all have emotions over it and they all have pride. Every single one of those players, including Rome and Raymond, deserve a shot at the Bruins. This is the team , Luongo included, that took us on an amazing ride during the why shouldn't they, as a team, get the chance to defend and redeem themselves.

 Let's just pretend for a moment.. Cory gets the start vs Boston on Jan 7th. Cory gets lit up. Now we have two amazing goalers who have both lost important games against the Bruins. Then we meet the Bruins in the 2012 playoff run. Now what ? Can't start Luongo because he lost game 7, can't start Cory because he lost our redemption game.. Guess we call for the Lack Attack ? haha #justsaying

Honestly, I don't much care which goaler gets the start, I will be a nervous wreck no matter who's between the pipes !  We either start a goalie who has never played against Boston, or we start a goalie who has much to prove against the Bruins.  It's a tough call on a big day.. all we can do is hope it ends with a big fat W for our Canucks :)

 Me ? ...
or me ?


  1. Ellie, with all due respect for your Lou love, this game actually means nothing. I say we start Cory and say it's because he is from Boston.

    I don't want to see Lou get lit up and lose his confidence for the games that really count.

    Cheers & happy new year

  2. It means nothing except Pride. lol Our boys are a proud bunch .. it would be nice to get some of that back next saturday.
    The way some fans are talking, you would think its a game 7 all over again ;) LOL

    as for the goalers... *sigh* pros and cons on both sides so I'm just going to trust coach v on this one ;) LOL
    Cant think of the boys getting lit up or i'll be mad before the game even begins.. haha