Friday, 26 August 2011

Also Known As ...

  Okay so I am pretty sure everyone and anyone who watches hockey has nic-names for some players. My kids and I have come up with some pretty good, and not so good nic-names for the guys over the past few years. I'll share some of the nic-names we use for our Canucks, and some we have come up with for opposing teams players.
  Some of the nics I list are commonly used amongst fans and you may recognize them. Feel free to comment and add your own player aka's in the comment section below.
~We also make up little 'play on words' for some of the guys, I'll share a couple of our best .. or worst :P .

   ***Keep in mind, we are not professional nicnamers, nor do we get paid for creating the nicnames, we do it for fun & giggles. ;)

Ryan Kesler - Superman, RK-17 , Frick( or is he Frack ?) Kes, RyRy , Kesala(my 6 yr old calls him this)
Play on Words - Ryan coke
Alex Burrows - Burrs/Burr, Frack ( or is he Frick ?)
 Play on words ( and not one of our best ) - A gopher Burrows deep
Mason Raymond - Mase, MayRay,
Jannik Hansen - JanHan, The Great Dane
Maxim Lapierre - Lappy, Lapps, Sexy Mofo
Christopher Higgins - Higgs, Higgy
Play on words - Gettin Higgy with it
Viktor Oreskovich - Vichy, Oreo, The Big O
Cody Hodgson - CoHo, Hedgehog
Daniel Sedin - Dank, Dani, The/A Twin
Henrik Sedin - Hank, The/A Twin
Mikael Samuelsson - Sammi
Kevin Bieksa - Juice, KB3, Bieksellent, Boom Boom Bieksa, Sexy Beksi ( this one, i am sure he would love haha )
Aaron Rome - Romer
Play on words - When in Rome.. ( or even better, When On Rome.. ;) )
Dan Hamhuis - Hammer, Hammy
Alex Edler - Edsy, Eddie
Sami Salo - The Frail Fin (Ouch)
Play on words - Salo can you go.
Andrew Alberts - Albs
Keith Ballard - Bally, Mr. Thighs
Play on words - Ballard Duck (..long , funny story behind this one ) 
Nolan Baumgartner - The Baumer
Cory Schneider - Scneids, Ging 
Roberto Luongo- My Man, Robbie Luo, LUOOOOO, Bobby Luo, Lulongo ( Don Cherry at his finest )

The newest Canucks need nicnames too - any suggestions ?
Marco Sturm - Sturmo
Steven Pinizzotto - Otto, Pin
Andrew Ebbert - Ebbs, ebbi
Mark Mancari - car ?
Alex Sulzer - Seltzer
Mike Duco -The Tweeter
Matt Climie - ?

When watching the games, the teen and I tend to get a good hate on for the opposing team, which sometimes leads to some not so nice nic-names & comments. I'll share the nicest of them ;)

Bryan Bickell - Pickle
Shane Doan - The Domer, Dome
Brad Marchand - Inspector Gadget, Ratman
Shane O'Brien - OB, SOB, Loserface
Kyle Wellwood - Donut boy
Dustin Byfuglien - Buttfuglin, Butt(rhymeswithduck)in
Johnny Boychuck -  Upchuck
Cal Clutterbuck - Clusterf*ck
Simon Gagne - Simon Gagme
Nathan Horton - hears a who, cry baby, Romes Biatch

( in light of  Mike Duco twitter drama, and just in case any of these players ever come to the Vancouver Canucks, please remember, I'm a Canucks fan... and until a player is a Canuck, he is fair game :) )


  1. I like to call either or both of the twins, separately or together, just simply "Danrick". They are identical twins after all....

  2. ChickAss/Mrs Thighs31 August 2011 at 23:33

    Not very hard to figure out who came up with some of those :-P